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Ruminations about the Canadian/Ontario healthcare system

Another Victory of Ideology over Rationality

Canada is a progressive nation, so they say. We have national health care. Or, rather, we have ten provincial and three territorial health care systems. The Federal Government provides the ground rules, a major part of the funding, and the … Continue reading

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Thank Heaven for Nurses!

Like most other old equipment, old people too need repairs from time to time. And if you are lucky, you find a good garage. Three weeks ago, I too had to be fixed at the Day Surgery in the Hamilton … Continue reading

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Conquering the Alps Virtually

Battling the ravages of old age is no trivial task. I used to work out more or less regularly at the local fitness center. But the pandemic put an end to that! To tell the truth, at first I was … Continue reading

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Digital Disabilities of the Elderly

I am a senior! No, you don’t have to commiserate with me. I am quite happy – and lucky too. After all, aging is the “in-thing”. Aging is chic. It is even a growth industry. There are lurking legions of … Continue reading

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Blogging as treatment for “Senior Attention Deficit Disorder” or S.A.D.D. Continue reading

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