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Did Lazarus Morgenthau elope?

“Almost ninety years ago, on November 2, 1843, Lazarus Morgenthau married Babette Guggenheim of Hürben; whom he had known as a child and whom he had watched grow to womanhood.” Thus Louise Heidelberg begins a biographic sketch of her grandfather, Lazarus … Continue reading

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Chomsky vs. Turing

Solving a computational problem in advanced statistics, I recently experienced an epiphany that led me from Alan Turing to Noam Chomsky. Alan Turing (1912 – 1954) is considered the father of modern computer science. Around 1936 he proposed a theoretical computing … Continue reading

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And Maytag Sucks Too

This blog is gradually turning into a serial drama. In the last installment, Sears wanted to sell me a C$ 249 assembly to repair a 5 cent broken part. I reported that I had subsequently found a subassembly for C$ 35 … Continue reading

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Sears Sucks

Last Wednesday morning my beloved called in an accusatory voice: “the dishwasher is broken!” I swear by my honor, I didn’t break it. Although, I must admit, my dirty dishes contributed significantly to the collective weight of the basket that ultimately exceeded the … Continue reading

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Blogging as treatment for “Senior Attention Deficit Disorder” or S.A.D.D. Continue reading

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Journalist as Interpreter

Can journalists translate Donald P. Irish’s powerful analysis of the causes of modern terrorism for the unwashed masses? Continue reading

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