Why does Papa Blog?

Portrait of the authorWhy should an old man blog? Firstly because of curiosity! All my life I have played at the edge of technology; although lately the pace has slowed down a bit. But why should only the young have all the fun?

Secondly, I still have something to say. With retirement, structural outlets for my knowledge, experience and opinion have largely evaporated. But I am not dead yet. The blog should allow me to plug into the public discourse, albeit through a straw.

Having established the ‘why’, we can proceed to the ‘what’. I like to talk about the things that interest me. In decreasing order of priority, these are genealogy, particularly Jewish genealogy, computers, woodworking, healthcare systems – particularly the Ontario variety and cooking. Since I am not an expert woodworker, I just do it, but won’t talk about it. This leaves the other four topics to blog about.

Finally, why choose an old cemetery as theme graphic? Yes, I know, that’s my prospect. But I have chosen it mainly to signal my interest in Jewish genealogy. It is the old Jewish cemetery of Hürben in Bavarian Swabia, where my maternal grandmother was born and raised.

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  1. Susi says:

    Schwer beeindruckt hab ich jetzt doch wirklich deinen blog entdeckt! Ich werde wohl Wochen brauchen, bis ich mir alles zu Gemüte geführt habe, immer vorausgesetzt, mein eigenes S.A.D.D. wirke sich nicht allzu sehr aus. Einstweilen also: congratulations! Und natürlich bin ich gespannt auf die follow-ups …
    P.S. Ausserdem habe ich ein neues englisches Wort gelernt: ‘widget’, gem. Webster’s 7th New Collegiate Dictionary: an unnamed article considered for purposes of hypothetical example …!

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