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The Case of the Missing Tombstones

Together with a German friend my wife and I are just completing a book documenting the features and history of an old Jewish cemetery in rural Bavarian Swabia (see the picture above). During our work we becam increasingly aware of … Continue reading

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Did Lazarus Morgenthau elope?

“Almost ninety years ago, on November 2, 1843, Lazarus Morgenthau married Babette Guggenheim of Hürben; whom he had known as a child and whom he had watched grow to womanhood.” Thus Louise Heidelberg begins a biographic sketch of her grandfather, Lazarus … Continue reading

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A Genealogical Data Model

A data model is described for genealogical software which combines the optimal features of the GEDCOM data structurem with those of a relational data base. The model is illustrated with a proprietary genealogical database manager. Continue reading

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Bavarian Jews in the “Old Immigration”

American historians use several different nomenclatures to designate various immigration waves to the United States. The immigration during the period between 1820 and 1880 is often called “Old Immigration” ((RACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS: AMERICAN AND GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, Cengage Learning, 2008; … Continue reading

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The Labyrinthine Trails of the Gatermann Films

How the 19th century, German Jewish civil registers found their way into various of today’s archives. Continue reading

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