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Issues arising from my programming activity

The ASUS Blues

I have a new computer, and I love it. It is an ASUS Zenbook UX31E. It is the notebook I always dreamed of. It is beautiful, light, capable,runs almost seven hours on one battery charge, and sings like a nightingale. … Continue reading

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Digital Disabilities of the Elderly

I am a senior! No, you don’t have to commiserate with me. I am quite happy – and lucky too. After all, aging is the “in-thing”. Aging is chic. It is even a growth industry. There are lurking legions of … Continue reading

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Squeezebox Woes

I bought a Squeezebox Radio from Logitech. It replaces my old bedside short wave radio. I still fondly remember the 70’s, before the airwaves had become so anemic. It was then still possible to receive New York and Boston talk shows in … Continue reading

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Chomsky vs. Turing

Solving a computational problem in advanced statistics, I recently experienced an epiphany that led me from Alan Turing to Noam Chomsky. Alan Turing (1912 – 1954) is considered the father of modern computer science. Around 1936 he proposed a theoretical computing … Continue reading

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A Genealogical Data Model

A data model is described for genealogical software which combines the optimal features of the GEDCOM data structurem with those of a relational data base. The model is illustrated with a proprietary genealogical database manager. Continue reading

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