Welcome to G_String_V

G_String_V is the most recent 'incarnation' of G_String, a computer program for analyzing psychometric performance tests based on Generalization Theory. It is typically employed to optimize competence exams. G_String was originally developed for the Windows platform at McMaster University in 2006 and gradually evolved since.

G_String_V was redesigned from scratch in 2018. It is improved in three ways:

  • It now runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • It accommodates a significantly larger range of experimental designs than earlier versions.
  • It incorporates a sophisticated logging system to facilitate trouble shooting.

The G_String line of programs has been designed and coded by Ralph Bloch as a retirement project in collaboration with Geoff Norman. While McMaster is trying to figure out what infrastructure support to provide to the academic work of its retirees, this website is being hosted on Ralph's server - 'papaworx.com'.